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Best Ways to Be More Active Inside This Spring

Senior Home Care Willard OH-Here are some great ways to be more active inside this spring that you and their senior home care aides can share with your elderly loved one.

For elderly adults, keeping active is about much more than feeling energetic. It is about boosting cognitive abilities, reducing the risk of health issues, improving sleep, and improving the overall quality of life, too. Your elderly loved one knows that exercising can be good for them. However, in the springtime, it may seem too rainy for them to do much outdoors. Between the help that you and the senior home care providers give, your elderly loved one should be able to keep their physical activity levels up.

Here are some great ways to be more active inside this spring that you and their senior home care aides can share with your elderly loved one.

Creating Physical Activity Routines

Senior Home Care Willard OH – Best Ways to Be More Active Inside This Spring

One of the best ways for your elderly loved one to be more active inside this spring is to create and stick to physical activity routines. Many things can be added to these plans including:

  • Time of the activity
  • Day of the week for each activity
  • Which activities will be performed
  • Alternate activities for when they aren’t feeling up to it
  • Socializing, physical activities such as gardening or games

If your elderly loved one can make a plan for their physical activity ahead of time each week, they will be much more likely to stick with it. Doing it this way can also reduce the stress of trying to figure out which physical activities they are going to do each day, as well.

Finding Activities They Love

People are much more likely to stay physically and mentally active if they enjoy what they are doing. If you aren’t sure which activities your elderly loved one loves, you can talk to them about it. You can also ask their senior home care providers which activities they have seen your elderly loved one participating in. Maybe, it is something your elderly loved one didn’t think to tell you or feel embarrassed about.

Getting Creative

When it is raining or storming outside, it can be impossible to get outdoors for physical activity, so your elderly loved one may need to get creative with activities indoors. For instance, they may want to turn on the radio-loud and dance to their favorite music. They can also listen to music and dance while doing household cleaning tasks such as vacuuming. Yoga and tai chi are other great activity ideas for the elderly. They are very health-oriented, too, focusing on the whole self (body, mind, and spirit).

These are some of the best ways to be more active this spring. Your elderly loved one needs to remember to stick with the routines they create. Sure, those routines can be changed, but whatever they change to should be worked on, too. For example, if your elderly loved one has a plan to walk across their house three times in one activity session, they should do that consistently before changing it.


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