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Ways Hospice Supportive Care Helps Patients Live Fully

A common misconception is that hospice care involves patients giving up. In reality, hospice helps patients live the rest of their lives as fully as possible.

One of the reasons that many people put off making the move to hospice services is that they worry that this change means they’re giving up on life. But hospice supportive care services aren’t about just the last few days of life. Hospice can do a lot to help seniors and other people near the end of life to affirm life and focus on living more fully.

Embracing Life with Hospice Supportive Care

Hospice Supportive Care Mt. Vernon OH - Ways Hospice Supportive Care Helps Patients Live Fully
Hospice Supportive Care Mt. Vernon OH – Ways Hospice Supportive Care Helps Patients Live Fully

Hospice supportive care helps people to focus on the belief that every day that they have left is a valuable one. This can be difficult for some patients to accept at first because they’ve usually been through so much. By the time they’re in hospice, patients need to experience as much comfort and fulfillment as they possibly can. They do this through creating personalized care plans for patients and doing everything possible to manage symptoms and offer emotional and spiritual support.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Improving quality of life involves support beyond just medical treatments for patients. Hospice supportive care takes a holistic approach, which means it addresses the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual concerns of patients. This can help patients to have a more balanced care plan that allows patients to face the end of life with dignity and comfort.

Offering Support to Families

Hospice supportive care isn’t just about the person who is dying, although they’re an important piece of the puzzle. Hospice also offers support to family members as they spend their time and energy supporting the person who is near the end of life. Family members may need bereavement support, respite care, and educational resources that help them to be more present for the person they care about.

Affirming Life at Every Stage

On the surface, hospice supportive care services are about dying. But the reality is that hospice focuses on the person’s entire life. Hospice supportive care providers help families to create lasting memories, facilitate family gatherings, and foster connections. Very often families face milestones while a loved one is approaching the end of life and it’s important to continue to celebrate those events. Doing so as positively as possible helps to create additional memories.

Hospice Supportive Care Teams Are Flexible

Families and patients have a variety of different needs and those needs can change dramatically throughout the time that patients have left. Hospice supportive care teams are able to remain flexible and do what they can to meet those needs as they arise. Teams are made up of doctors, nurses, social workers, counselors, therapists, spiritual advisors, and so many other specialists. All of these people work together to help the entire family and especially the patient get what they need to have a meaningful experience in the time that they have left.

Hospice care isn’t just about dying. It’s also about helping patients and families to celebrate the individual’s life as much as possible. Even with a life-limiting condition, people still have a lot left to enjoy and find meaning. Hospice teams ensure that patients and their loved ones find peace and fulfillment along the way.

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