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How to Help Your Dad Transition From Hospital to Home

Arrange post-hospital care after your dad's surgery by talking to an advisor about the availability of services and prices in your dad's town. Here's how they help.

Your dad had heart surgery and is coming home in a few days. His doctors want him to limit his activities. He cannot do anything strenuous for now, and he’s not allowed to drive. How do you help him transition from hospital to home? Are post-hospital care services the thing you and he need?

Ask Plenty of Questions

Post-Hospital Care Crestline OH – How to Help Your Dad Transition From Hospital to Home

Before your dad comes home from the hospital, ask his medical team for detailed instructions on the care he’ll need. If you are not certain of something, ask for clarification. The more information you have, the easier it is to ensure his care needs are met.

If he’s going to need post-hospital care nurses, you should ask about what those needs are. He may need someone for IV medications, incision care, or dietary management. It’s best to make those arrangements as soon as you can.

Look Into Medical Aids That Support His Recovery

If there is equipment or items you could buy to make his recovery at home go smoothly, consider buying them. A shower seat he can sit on when taking a shower can be very useful, especially as he regains strength.

Would he find a raised toilet seat easier to stand back up from? How about some handles around the toilet to support him? Those can be useful when he’s not supposed to overexert.

Is he going to be able to sleep in his bed? He might need to sleep in a recliner, especially if his bedroom is upstairs. It may be a while before he’s able to climb the stairs. A recliner that is comfortable for sleeping is something to consider.

Make Sure Post-Hospital Care Is With Him

Does your dad have someone with him all day and night? He needs someone to stay for the night and get him medications and water when needed. A post-hospital care provider is helpful if you have to work. Caregivers can be with him when you’re at work.

Be There for Emotional Support

Depression is normal after heart surgery and a major health scare. Don’t be surprised if your dad is sad, angry, anxious, or a mix of emotions from one moment to the next. It’s normal, and extra attention can help him cope with the emotional stress he’s experiencing.

Try to distract him by playing cards or his favorite board games. Put on movies or sit in his garden with snacks and iced tea. Do whatever you know will help him avoid excessive stress.

Don’t Let Him Do Too Much Too Quickly

Use post-hospital care services to support him as he regains his strength and stamina. With caregivers keeping his home clean, helping him shower and dress, cooking his meals, and running errands for him, he can focus on feeling better.

He needs to listen to his doctor and do things at a slower pace to increase the risk of complications or re-hospitalization. Arrange post-hospital care by talking to an advisor about the availability of services and prices in your dad’s town.

If you are considering hiring Post-Hospital Care Services in Crestline OH, call the caring staff at Central Star Home Health at (419) 610-2161.  Providing services for families in Mansfield, Lexington, Bellville, Crestline, Galion, Shelby, Ashland, Ontario, Bucyrus, Mt. Vernon, Marion, Willard, and the surrounding areas.

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