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Help Your Mom Bridge the Gap of Online Bill Paying Technology

If your mom struggles with technology, you and her home care aides can help her bridge the gap. Here are some tips.

Three out of four adults aged 65 or older use the Internet. Only 61% of them have a smartphone, and 44% own a tablet. Most older adults who do use the internet use a desktop or laptop. Over half of adults aged 55 or older report wanting to learn more about how to use technology. More than 80% are concerned about privacy and safety when they’re online. If your mom struggles with technology, you and her home care aides can help her bridge the gap.

Aim for Simple Programs

Home Care Galion OH – Help Your Mom Bridge the Gap of Online Bill Paying Technology

Keep your mom’s computer, phone, or tablet clutter-free. Get simple programs that won’t be a problem for her to use. If she can load her internet screen, she might find Google Drive easier to use than Windows Office. Pin tabs so that she always sees the page she needs at the top of her browser.

Skip Passwords and Switch to an Authenticator

Try to keep your mom’s computer as simplistic as you can. If she’s not one to remember passwords, which is common, use an authenticator. She’ll just need to use her phone to get the current passkey and enter that on her computer screen. It’s a lot easier for her to manage.

Use Automatic Updates to Lessen Her Responsibilities

Set it up to take care of necessary updates on its own. Things like virus/malware scans can be scheduled automatically. You can set the software to update definitions and the software automatically. Do this with all of the software or apps she uses.

Sign Up for Basic Lessons

Would your mom benefit from computer lessons? Her local community center or public library may hold basic computer lessons for older adults. Senior centers also offer them from time to time.

If you can’t find any, you might ask the local high school if they have a tech-savvy senior looking for community service hours. Many schools require seniors to get a certain number of volunteer hours before they graduate.

Set Up Auto-Pay For Her

You could eliminate her need to remember to pay bills. Set up auto-pay through her bank or credit union. She’ll get emails when a bill is coming up, and that ensures she can make sure she has funds in the account payments are taken from.

Help Her Feel More Comfortable

Have a home care aide stop by each week to help your mom with technology. If you live too far away, a caregiver can stop in, help her get into her accounts, and make sure that her bills are paid on time.

Her home care aide can help her sort her mail and recycle the junk mail while organizing the bills and important notices. Learn more by calling our agency and talking to an advisor in senior home care services.


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