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Ideas for Talking about Dementia Care Services with Aging Adults

It isn’t easy dealing with an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis. It can be even tougher accepting the need for help from dementia care services.

On a good day, it can be tough to talk to seniors about getting additional home care assistance in place. When families add in the complication of an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, it can be that much more difficult to have that conversation. The reality is that dementia care services offer valuable support that can keep seniors in their own homes longer while also helping family caregivers deal with the challenges they face.

Acknowledge the Need for Help

Dementia Care Shelby OH - Ideas for Talking about Dementia Care Services with Aging Adults
Dementia Care Shelby OH – Ideas for Talking about Dementia Care Services with Aging Adults

The first step is getting everyone involved to acknowledge the need for some extra help. It’s normal for seniors to not want to feel as if they’re going to become a burden or lose their independence and control. Talking about the situation gets all of that out into the open and helps everyone face the reality that this is going to get tougher. Getting support in place now makes life easier later.

Gather Information

Not knowing more about dementia care and how it can help is often a big problem when it comes to talking about lining up this type of support. When families take some time to learn about how home care can help everyone involved, that removes misinformation and myths. From there, it’s easier to see why this is a good idea.

Plan the Approach

If family members time the conversation properly, it’s more likely to go well. Aiming for a time when everyone is fairly calm and relaxed is a good first step. It’s also important to remember that this is a conversation that demands some sensitivity. Rushing the talk or trying to have this conversation when distractions are happening might not be the best idea.

Listen to Concerns and Preferences

When seniors do bring up concerns, wishes, and preferences, it’s really important to pay close attention to those. Overlooking those or disregarding them is not going to help anyone involved. Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease tend to have a better experience overall if they are kept involved in making decisions and if they have choices. Removing choices, dictating what might happen next, or otherwise ignoring how they’re feeling and what they want doesn’t help.

Talk to Healthcare Providers

For some seniors, enlisting the help of dementia care services now might feel like it’s all too early. They may not feel as if their symptoms warrant extra support now or they might feel as if there isn’t a need for that sort of help at all. Talking to their doctors and other healthcare providers can help seniors get a better perspective on their unique situation and how home care assistance can help. In general, starting early with that type of help makes life easier later on.

Difficult conversations don’t go away if they’re ignored. Deciding to bring in dementia care services is a big consideration. Approaching the conversation the right way and giving seniors a chance to learn more about how this type of support can help may make all the difference in how they choose to go forward.

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