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Cooking Safety For Seniors

If your senior mom or dad is living alone and you’re worried about their safety in the kitchen call to learn more about home care and read these tips.

As seniors get older and find it hard to lift things, grip things, and move around easily they may have trouble cooking meals for themselves. Home care providers are recommended for seniors who are aging in place because a home care provider can help seniors cook meals safely. With home care, seniors can do as much or as little of the cooking as they want.

If your senior mom or dad is living alone and you’re worried about their safety in the kitchen call to learn more about home care today. A home care provider can help keep your mom or dad safe at home.

Your mom or dad can also use these tips from experts to stay safe in the kitchen:

Reorganize The Kitchen

Home Care Galion OH - Cooking Safety For Seniors
Home Care Galion OH – Cooking Safety For Seniors

Rearranging the kitchen to make it easier for your senior parent to get the things they need will help them cook meals safely. Put kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, and other items they need for cooking on the counter or hang them on the wall within easy reach. That way your mom or dad won’t have to bend down or reach up to get what they need.

Use Adaptive Kitchen Tools

Many adaptive kitchen tools make cooking tasks easier for seniors and people with disabilities. Extra light pots and pans, large-handled utensils and cooking tools, electric can and jar openers and other tools allow seniors to safely make their favorite meals.

Improve Kitchen Lighting

Bad lighting can cause kitchen accidents. An easy way to add more light in the kitchen is to install self-adhesive LED light strips under counters, along the backsplash, or over cabinets so that seniors can see what they’re doing more easily.

Use Smart Plugs And Smart Tech

There are a lot of useful gadgets that have smart tech built in, and smart plugs can make any kitchen gadget a smart gadget. With smart plugs and smart tech gadgets, your senior parent can turn gadgets like the stove and coffee maker off with their voice. And, you can control them through smartphone apps as a backup if your senior parent forgets and leaves them on.

Use a Sturdy Stool or Chair

Make sure there is a sturdy stool or chair available for your mom or dad while they are cooking. Seniors often lose their balance or need to sit down while they are cooking. Having a chair or a stool nearby can prevent your senior parent from falling if they get dizzy or weak.

Prep Meals And Snacks

A home care provider can take the difficulty out of cooking by preparing meals and snacks for your senior parent in advance. Then, your senior parent has to microwave a pre-cooked and pre-portioned meal or snack whenever they are hungry. Home care is a big help when it comes to making sure your senior mom or dad has healthy meals and snacks available all the time.

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