The Effects of Aging

Senior Care in Mansfield OH As your parent ages, they may fear what lies ahead. They see friends or relatives that have not fared well through the aging process lose either their mobility or incure a chronic disease that has left them in a state of decline. It’s important for them to realize that age does not necessarily bring on these types of changes. Helping them to be aware of what age does change and what they can control will help ensure ... Read more

Senior Care Tips: Deep-Frying Turkey Safety

Senior Care in Mansfield OH As you prepare to make celebrating Thanksgiving with your aging loved ones, your partner, your children, and your extended family and friends part of your senior care journey, your mind may be filled with ideas for how to make this holiday even more special. Now that you are a family caregiver, you may have to change the way that you celebrate Thanksgiving so that you can still get all of the fun, joy, memories, and meaning out ... Read more