Top Tools to Encourage More Independence When Outside the Home

Senior Care in Bellville OH Independence is something that most people value highly, especially as they get older and realize that they are dealing with challenges and limitations that threaten their ability handle their basic care tasks. By encouraging your parent to maintain as much of their independence as possible no matter what they are doing you help them to stay healthier, stronger, and feeling more in control of their life.   Some of the tools that you can use to encourage more independence ... Read more

Things All Seniors Should Do During American Heart Month (February)

Senior Care Bellville OH In 2015, President Barack Obama declared February as American Heart Month, continuing the tradition that has been in place since 1964 when February was first declared as American Heart Month.  February is the perfect month to dedicate to spreading awareness of heart health as American’s will be reminded of the heart wherever they go!  With Valentine cards and decorations galore, it will be hard to go anywhere without seeing the image of the heart - a great reminder ... Read more

How Seniors Can Get Their Vitamin D in the Winter Months

Senior Care in Bellville OH Vitamin D is the vitamin that helps promote strong bones.  For seniors, especially senior women, who are at risk for osteoporosis, this is an essential nutrient to get each and every day.  As many know, humans get their vitamin D directly from exposure to sunlight.  However, for people living in cold climates or seniors who stay in the house for the majority of the day due to disability or chronic illness, vitamin D can sometimes be hard ... Read more

Senior Care Tips: Helping Elderly Parents with Dementia Make Daily Decisions

Senior Care in Bellville OH Being a family caregiver for seniors requiring any form of care or assistance is a challenge, but coping with the progressive challenges of Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia puts even further demands on your senior care plan. When facing the memory loss and cognitive processing challenges that come with dementia it is important to design your care plan around both managing these issues as they arise and helping your parents maintain as much independence as ... Read more