Is Swimming Good Exercise for a Loved One with COPD?

If your loved one has COPD, then you already know that exercise is important for her overall health. The problem can be finding the right exercise for your loved one. Swimming is one option that your loved one might be interested in trying out, as long as her doctor agrees that it's okay for her to try. Your Loved One Doesn't Need Special Skills to Swim One of the best things about swimming is that you don't really need any special skills in ... Read more

Elderly Care Outings: Stimulating Your Senior’s Mind at an Art Museum

Elderly Care in Mansfield OH Stimulating your senior's mind as a regular part of your elderly care efforts with him is an important part of keeping his cognitive functioning and memory skills sharp, and his mental and emotional health high. Together these help to ensure a more active, involved, and enjoyable quality of life throughout his later years. Planning regular outings with him is a fantastic way to support this efforts, and while there are virtually endless options when it comes to ... Read more

Using Email as an Elder Care Tool

Elder Care in Crestline OH Elder care is not like it used to be. Many of today's seniors are technologically savvy and enjoy using a wide array of tech devices to make their lives simpler and more entertaining. If you are a family caregiver for this type of modern senior, email may be the perfect tool for you to add to your elder care routine. By utilizing email and all of its features you can simplify your planning, streamline your communication, and ... Read more

It’s Important to Listen to Dad About Senior Care

 Senior Care in Mt. Gilead OH Many people may think they know what their elderly loved ones need, but if they don’t have a clear focus on what they truly desire, it may be difficult to help them find the right level of support.  One of the biggest priorities for family members when their aging loved ones are dealing with a health emergency, recovering from a hospitalization, or having difficulty getting around safely on their own is to ensure safety. The last ... Read more

6 Ways to Avoid the Complications of Diabetes

Senior Care in Lexington, OH – 6 Ways to Avoid the Complications of Diabetes Caring for your diabetes properly is a lifelong responsibility. Diabetes is a serious chronic disease that can be life threatening. But, you can live a relatively normal life with proper care.  “Diabetes is a serious disease. Following your diabetes treatment plan takes round-the-clock commitment. But your efforts are worthwhile. Careful diabetes care can reduce your risk of serious — even life-threatening — complications.”  More information can be found at: Below ... Read more


James A. Lee, age 65, of Mansfield passed away Wednesday, October 15, 2014 in his home. He was born December 25 to the late Earl and Joanna (Pearl) Lee. Jim graduated from Clear Fork High School in 1966 and attended Cincinnati Bible Seminary. A lifelong Mansfield resident and life member of the Mansfield Bowling Association, Jim’s enthusiasm for sports was evident to his friends and other residents of Logan Place where he lived for the last five years. Bellville Snyder Funeral Homes where ... Read more