Using the Plate Plan to help your Diabetic Parent

Creating a diabetic meal plan can be confusing. Between the carbohydrate counting approach, the low glycemic index model or the plate plan—it can be difficult to know which direction and what plan to incorporate. For those seeking an easy to follow plan that does not require constant counting of carbohydrates, the plate plan may be the ideal model. It will be important, however, to ensure that your loved one keep a close eye on their blood sugar levels in order to ... Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Strep Throat

Home Care in Lexington OH It might still be summer, but that does not mean that illness will not strike. Many people are under the misconception that sickness only occurs during the fall and winter months. The truth, however, is that bacterial and viral illnesses can occur at any time of the year, and many people fall victim to these illnesses during the summer months because of the constant exposure to air conditioning and indoor air that can be contaminated by the ... Read more