7 Sun Safety Tips for Elders 

Home Care in Galion OH Now that summer is upon us, many people are excited to spend the next three months outdoors in the summer heat gardening, going to the beach, or simply just sitting outside. Yet, for elders, especially those who may need senior care, it is important they take the right precautions in order to enjoy themselves without risking their health. These tips will allow your loved one to soak up plenty of vitamin D, without harming themselves.1.      Enjoy the ... Read more

Elderly Care Issues: Building a Strong Relationship with In-Home Care Professional

Home Care in Galion OH For many families weighing the options of senior care, hiring an in-home care professional is the ideal solution. There are as many situations as there are types of families, but there are certain issues that many people don't take into account ahead of time. For the best adjustment and outcome to bringing an elderly care expert into the family home full-time, it's important to work toward building a strong relationship with them. For those hiring a live-in ... Read more