A Checklist of Things to Consider When Caring for an Aging Parent

Elderly Care in Shelby OH Setting out to take care of an aging parent is usually an act of love. This might be your mother or father, who were likely there for you most of your life, and all you want to do is make sure they are safe, comfortable, and have what they need in their own home. You don’t see it as being a caregiver, but when you begin stopping by to help them with various things, when you take ... Read more

Your Elderly Care Team: How a Case Worker Can Make Your Parents’ Hospital Visit Easier

Elderly Care in Shelby OH A visit to the hospital with senior adults, whether it is an emergency room visit that lasts only a few hours or an extended stay of several days or even weeks, can be intimidating and uncomfortable for everyone involved. As a family caregiver, involving the entire elderly care team in these visits, the discharge process, and care after discharge helps make a trip to the hospital less frightening and increases the chances of a successful recovery process. When ... Read more