4 Reasons Your Loved One Might Be More Prone to Falling

Of all the reasons your loved one might be more likely to fall, sometimes physical causes are among the most frustrating. Your loved one might feel as if her own body is betraying her, which can be incredibly frustrating. Being Unable to See Well Vision that is impaired or otherwise not working properly isn't going to help your loved one to spot obstacles or potential hazards in her path. You can definitely try increasing the lighting in her home, but if your loved ... Read more

Conversations That Can Define Your Elderly Care Journey

Elderly Care in Mt. Gilead OH Being on an elderly care journey is not a one-sided situation. This relationship is not about you stepping in and taking over your parents' lives. While you will give of your time, energy, and effort to make sure that your parents' needs are met, it is also crucial that you respect your parents as individuals who still have their own thoughts, motivations, opinions, and desires in life. This means maintaining open lines of communication with them ... Read more