Does Your Parent Really Need Elderly Care?

Elderly Care in Loudonville OH You have been helping your parent keep his bills organized and scrutinizing his bank records with a fine-tooth comb for several months, only to find out that he is maintaining a savings account and giving charitable donations without you knowing about them. You make sure that you pick up enough groceries every time that you go to the store for your family as well as your aging parent so that he will always have healthy food in the ... Read more

Preventing Social Isolation in Winter

Elderly Care in Loudonville OH Colder weather seems to lead to more isolation for elderly loved ones for a variety of reasons. Maybe it's just too gloomy to go out, or possibly your loved one is a little more down during the colder months. Regardless of the cause, isolation can lead to feelings of depression and to health problems, so as a family caregiver it's important to figure out how to ensure that your loved one isn't isolated this winter. Arrange for Home ... Read more