Boosting Your Parent’s Mental Health during Be Kind To Humankind Week

Elder Care in Mt. Gilead OH August 25 through 31 is Be Kind To Humankind Week. This is the ideal opportunity for your aging parent to find fun and engaging ways to give back to the community around them. Not only will this help them to improve the lives of others around them, but will also give them a boost in their own mental and emotional health.   Let these ideas inspire you for ways that your parent can boost and maintain their mental ... Read more

Healing Damaged Relationships through Elder Care

Elder Care in Mt. Gilead OH Engaging in an elder care plan with your aging parents is a powerful show of love, concern, and compassion. When there are damaged relationships at play, however, stepping into this role for them can feel more like torment that nurturing. Not all care relationships begin because an adult child wants to give back to his parents and return the support, love, and caring that he received from them when he was a child. Sometimes an elder ... Read more