Mild Cognitive Impairment in your Aging Parent

Elder Care in Loudonville OH You’ve noticed your parent becoming increasingly forgetful. Perhaps they lose the thread of conversations, become easily frustrated, or seem disoriented in familiar places. It can be difficult determining the difference between the normal processes of aging and the beginning stage of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). MCI is the stage between expected cognitive decline from aging and the onset of dementia. Not all those individuals diagnosed with MCI go on to receive the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or one of ... Read more

6 Ways to Show Appreciation to Elders on Senior Citizen’s Day

Elder Care in Loudonville OH Senior Citizen’s Day was first initiated by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 and has been used to acknowledge the contributions our elders have made to our community and the rest of the country. Below are some ideas to recognize the elders in your life on Senior Citizen's Day. 1. Visit them: Offer your ear and allow them to share their interests, memories, and knowledge with you. Also, asking questions will show the elder just how interested you are ... Read more