Family Caregiving and Osteoporosis

Caregiver in Mt. Gilead OH Osteoporosis--severe bone thinning--is a disease that affects approximately 10 million Americans and is the result of an estimated 2 million broken bones per year. Many individuals do not know they have it until a bone is broken.   Diet This is a disease that diet plays a crucial part in. As a family caregiver, ensuring your loved one is on a good diet that addresses this specific issue is an important part of the care you will provide. In fact, ... Read more

How Family Caregivers Can Manage Their Emotions

Caregiver in Mt. Gilead OH From sad to guilty to angry, family caregivers may be feeling a variety of emotions that change each day. By keeping these feelings locked inside without an outlet to release them, it could build up causing a serious medical condition down the road. The American Psychological Association reported that a higher number of caregivers had increased stress/distress, emotional problems, depression, and cognitive problems. Before you let these emotions overtake your mental and physical health, especially while providing in-home ... Read more