How to Improve Your Own Mood as a Family Caregiver

Caregiver in Mansfield OH Did you know that you can improve your own mood, all on your own? It's true, but some people find this more difficult than other people do. Choose Your Attitude for Each Day It sounds so easy to say that you can choose your own attitude every day, but it's true. You can go into every day fearing the worst and expecting everything to be awful or you can face each day knowing that you are the one in charge ... Read more

How the Elderly Can Maintain a Healthy Cholesterol

Elderly Care in Wooster OH When an elderly person’s cholesterol gets too high, they are at a higher rate of developing a stroke, heart attack, or heart disease. The result of these conditions may also be a shortened life. Sure, seniors can take medication to control their cholesterol levels, but it takes more than just a pill to lower bad cholesterol. With the help and encouragement of an elderly care professional and other family members, the senior will be able to make healthy ... Read more

s It Alzheimer’s Disease or Just Forgetfulness?

Elderly Care in Ashland OH As a caregiver for your elderly parent it is easy to react strongly when your loved one shows symptoms of what could be a serious condition. One situation when this is very common is if your parent forgets a name or has difficulty remembering something such as what they did the day before or a bit of information that they just recently learned. Your first instinct will likely be to assume it is Alzheimer's disease. Before you ... Read more

4 Factors that Can Make Hot Weather Safety More Difficult for Your Elderly Loved One

Home Care in Mt. Gilead OH Hot weather can be a fun time for families, but it can also be a dangerous time for your elderly loved one. Here are some situations that can make hot weather more of a problem for your loved one. Being Dehydrated If your loved one isn't regularly drinking plenty of water, she might find that hotter weather leaves her feeling the effects much more quickly. One solution is to keep a bottle of water always nearby so that ... Read more