June is Child Vision Awareness Month

Pediatric Home Health Care in Bellville OH In-home professional caregivers who work to provide pediatric care for children in their own homes remind us that June is Child Vision Awareness Month. The goal for June is to increase education and spread accurate information about the vision problems experienced by children. Early detection of vision problems in children and diagnosis of diseases of the eyes help children see better and learn more easily. Children with developmental problems need to have an eye exam performed ... Read more


MONTAUK, NY—Star Multi Care Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Sternbach, and Chief Financial Officer, David Schoenberg  hosted their annual Administrator’s Meeting at the beautiful Montauk Yacht Club last week.  Fifteen of the company’s management staff attended the three-day event. During the “Meeting of the Minds” themed event, Stephen and David took to the Boardroom to review the previous year’s successes, as well as to develop new and improved programs for the upcoming fiscal year.  The primary discussions this year included evolving health care ... Read more

Senior Care Tips: Helping Elderly Parents with Dementia Make Daily Decisions

Senior Care in Bellville OH Being a family caregiver for seniors requiring any form of care or assistance is a challenge, but coping with the progressive challenges of Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia puts even further demands on your senior care plan. When facing the memory loss and cognitive processing challenges that come with dementia it is important to design your care plan around both managing these issues as they arise and helping your parents maintain as much independence as ... Read more

Taking Life Back after Months of Being a Family Caregiver

Caregiver in Ashland OH Maybe you had been a caregiver for your elderly loved one, whether it was a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or somebody else for many months. You likely realized what millions of other family caregivers come to understand in time; this is not a job for the faint of heart. Being a caregiver is a great responsibility. It requires a significant amount of time. Even though many family caregivers underestimate just how much assistance their loved one will require, they ... Read more

Your Elderly Care Team: How a Case Worker Can Make Your Parents’ Hospital Visit Easier

Elderly Care in Shelby OH A visit to the hospital with senior adults, whether it is an emergency room visit that lasts only a few hours or an extended stay of several days or even weeks, can be intimidating and uncomfortable for everyone involved. As a family caregiver, involving the entire elderly care team in these visits, the discharge process, and care after discharge helps make a trip to the hospital less frightening and increases the chances of a successful recovery process. When ... Read more

Home Care Focus: Helping Your Parents Maintain Dignity While Dealing with Urinary Incontinence

Home Care in Mt. Gilead OH Millions of aging American adults, more than half of the overall elderly population according to recent studies, cope with some degree of urinary incontinence. This can range from the occasional leak or dribble during certain activities to total loss of control over the bladder. Despite its commonness, however, most seniors coping with this problem face serious emotional consequences, including embarrassment, depression, and loss of dignity. By taking special care to ease these difficult emotions while helping ... Read more