Answers to the Skilled Nursing Care FAQs We Hear the Most

What are skilled nursing care services? That is the most popular question asked when a parent is in the hospital following a stroke, heart attack, surgery, or other urgent health issue. It’s a service where RNs and other licensed nurses come to your home to provide care in a non-hospital or nursing home setting.

What Are the Benefits of Skilled Nursing Care?

Skilled Nursing Care Mansfield OH - Answers to the Skilled Nursing Care FAQs We Hear the Most

Skilled Nursing Care Mansfield OH – Answers to the Skilled Nursing Care FAQs We Hear the Most

The benefits of skilled nurses are plentiful. Most importantly, a nurse provides the care your mom needs in your family home. Your mom is not stressed about having to be in a hospital or nursing home for days, weeks, or even months. She’s not paying high fees for each night she’s in a room.

In addition to saving your mom money, you won’t be stressed having to help her with the things you’re uncomfortable doing. She may not be able to reach a surgical incision on her back, but the bandages need to be changed after 24 hours. She could return to the hospital, but she could avoid that and have a nurse available.

What Do Skilled Nurses Do?

With medication administration, the risk of overdose or health emergency caused by missing a dose is eliminated. Skilled nurses track when a medication is needed, how it’s taken, and what the side effects are. Your mom’s nurse will monitor her and watch for concerning side effects, such as dips in blood pressure or extreme dizziness or nausea.

Nurses can make sure blood pressure levels are stable. They’ll keep track of her pulse, temperature, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation as needed. Your mom’s doctor may want a continued update on where her sugar levels are and when insulin is given. A nurse can do that.

After surgery, a fall that led to cuts and scrapes, or pressure sores that occur after sitting in a wheelchair for hours each day. Those incisions, sores, and wounds must be cleaned and bandaged properly. Nurses can check that incisions and wounds are healing properly, clean them as needed, and cover them back up with sterile coverings.

Therapeutic services like speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are options if your mom is unable to get to a therapist’s office. She doesn’t have to miss these important sessions. She’ll have therapists work with her in her home and gain all of the benefits.

How Do You Schedule Skilled Nursing Services?

Start by having a conversation with your mom’s medical team about her care needs. If she were to go to a nursing home, what would they be doing? Once you know this, ask if home health care is a suitable option.

Talk to a specialist in skilled nursing care to learn more about the prices and go over your list of questions. After you’re certain that skilled nursing care is best, you’ll go over the availability of services for your mom and make the arrangements.

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