Can Home Care Assistance Help Your Mom With Errands?

One of the leading reasons to arrange home care assistance services is because your mom won’t have to run errands alone. You work full-time and struggle to find a work-life balance, but your mom’s needs add to your stress. You want to help her, but finding the time is difficult.

Home care assistance services specialize in many areas of independent living, but errands are one of the most in-demand options. Instead of your mom trying to arrange transportation or wait until you’re available, she has a caregiver to help her.

Here are some of the things home care assistance aides will do to help her.

Perform Quick Household Inventories

Home Care Assistance Marion OH - Can Home Care Assistance Help Your Mom With Errands?

Home Care Assistance Marion OH – Can Home Care Assistance Help Your Mom With Errands?

Before your mom even leaves the home, she can have a caregiver help her determine what errands are necessary and optimize their outing to ensure everything is done before your mom tires or wants to go back home.

Part of this involves taking an inventory of household staples like groceries, toiletries, paper products, and cleaners. Her caregiver can also look at her prescription and non-prescription medications, perform a quick inventory, and order refills as needed.

When items are almost gone, her caregiver adds that to a shopping list. They’ll go shopping together, or your mom’s caregiver can run errands alone if your mom has a hard time leaving the home.

Home Care Assistance Aides Provide Transportation

When your mom has errands to run, she has a caregiver to drive her around. She doesn’t have to drive, find parking, or try to park in a tight space or high-traffic area. Your mom won’t have to struggle to navigate a busy city or find the right address.

Her caregiver can drop her at the door if your mom can’t walk far, and park while your mom waits on a bench or motorized shopping cart. When they’re done shopping, your mom’s caregiver can pick her up near the entrance and help her get buckled up.

Assist With Financial Transactions

Sometimes, stores have modern technology that can be confusing. If the store uses tap-to-pay technology or a point-of-sale tablet, it may be hard for your mom to complete payment without assistance.

Caregivers can help your mom complete a transaction and understand how to add a tip and sign with her finger if needed. She won’t have to struggle to figure it out, which is helpful if she has social anxiety and hates having to ask for help.

Carry Purchases Into the Home

Once your mom and her caregiver are back home, her caregiver can carry everything inside. She’ll have a caregiver to help her sort purchases and put them where they go.

Learn more about these and other services available through home care assistance. Your mom can live alone without struggling to run errands. A home care advisor is happy to answer your questions and discuss the right options for her needs.

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