Ways Speech Therapy Improves Communication

Each May, The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association holds Better Hearing & Speech Month to help raise awareness about communication disorders and the treatment options available. In 2023, the ASHA’s theme is “Building a Strong Foundation.” Communication disorders in adults often occur when brain health is affected. Speech therapy at home services help maintain skills and communication for as long as possible. While speech therapy at home helps with many of these communication and swallowing disorders, how does it work?

What five conditions benefit from a speech therapist?

Speech Therapy at Home Willard OH - Ways Speech Therapy Improves Communication

Speech Therapy at Home Willard OH – Ways Speech Therapy Improves Communication


ALS, often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, progresses faster in some and slower in others, but it does affect speech and swallowing. A speech therapist will assess where speech, language, and voice skills are at each appointment and work on ways to maintain independence for as long as possible.


Alzheimer’s will affect speech and communication skills over time, but a speech-language pathologist can help work on maintaining speech and word retention skills for as long as possible and also teach other ways to communicate as the brain’s health diminishes.

If your dad has Alzheimer’s his speech therapist may teach him how to use pictures of images or real items to point to what is needed. If he’s hungry, he could point to a refrigerator. He might have a headache, and he could learn to point to his head.

A speech therapist will also work with you so that you learn the best ways to communicate with your dad. If he’s less frustrated trying to talk to you, it’s easier for everyone.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) can lead to weaker throat muscles and a risk of aspiration pneumonia if food makes it into the lungs. A speech therapist teaches skills to coordinate safe swallowing and ensure the muscles in the throat are as strong as they can be given the severity of the illness.

Parkinson’s Disease

Speech therapists work with people with Parkinson’s to help heighten control of speech and improve non-verbal communication skills. As speech can be tiring as Parkinson’s advances, it’s important to ration energy accordingly.

A speech therapist may also help teach your dad how to use wearable technology to aid with communication. Some devices help amplify speech to make it easier to communicate with family members, caregivers, and friends.


After a stroke, speech is likely going to be affected. Aphasia is a condition where speech diminishes, which makes it hard to communicate. A speech therapist can help work on strengthening the throat muscles and finding other ways to communicate.

In addition to communication disorders, there are swallowing disorders known as dysphagia that affect an older adult’s ability to swallow food, liquids, or medications. All of those health issues can cause dysphagia. Again, this is something speech therapists can help with.

Arrange the initial consultation with a speech therapist. If your dad’s not able to leave his home to get to a speech-language pathologist’s office, speech therapy at home services can take place in his home. Learn more by making a call.

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