Helping Your Loved One Heal from Shoulder Surgery

If your loved one has shoulder surgery scheduled, you’ll not only need to prepare for the surgery, you will want to start beforehand getting things ready for her recovery at home. Shoulder surgery can often be same-day surgery, meaning your loved one will not need to spend an overnight in a hospital. When shoulder arthroscopy (an incision is made and then the surgeon uses a lighted tube with a tiny camera—called an arthroscope, or scope—and surgical tools to perform the surgery) is done, the patient is usually home within a few hours. But going home doesn’t mean that your loved one can return to life as normal right away. Recovery from shoulder surgery can often take up to six weeks so being ready for post-hospital care services are important.

Here are things to consider in the care of a senior who has shoulder surgery:

Post-Hospital Care Mt. Vernon OH - Helping Your Loved One Heal from Shoulder Surgery

Post-Hospital Care Mt. Vernon OH – Helping Your Loved One Heal from Shoulder Surgery

When your loved one first gets home, there might be swelling and discoloration, along with pain. The entire arm may feel numb for up to 24 hours so having a good place to simply rest will be important. Depending upon your loved one, you might want to set up a resting area in the living room near the TV and family, or she might prefer to rest in her bedroom. Since sleeping on the side of the body with the surgery will be difficult, being propped up in a bed or on a recliner might be best. Prepare her area for her post-hospital care before you leave the home for the procedure so that it will be waiting for her as soon as she steps inside.

As the next few weeks occur after the surgery, your loved one can slowly return to life as normal, but she will have some strict lifting restrictions. Hiring someone to help with post-hospital care could benefit both her and you if you are not able to be there for her 24/7.

It is recommended that a patient not lift anything heavier than a glass or plate for the first 2-3 weeks. That’s where having someone stop in the home to help with chores will be a good part of her post-hospital care. She’ll need help lifting a pot from a stove, carrying laundry, and even pouring a glass of water from a heavy pitcher.

During this time, she should be walking each day. A sore shoulder should not keep her in bed all day. Walking will help improve blood flow and prevent constipation. She can start slow, but work on increasing how much she walks each day. A provider who comes to the home for post-hospital care can help with getting her walking and making sure she’s doing it safely.

Finally, since her arm may be in a sling for a few weeks, she may also need help with bathing, washing her hair, and getting dressed. She will be able to take her arm out of the sling to perform certain tasks, but her flexibility may be limited causing some everyday tasks to be a struggle.

Your loved one needs to allow her shoulder to heal slowly and fully so being ready with a post-hospital care plan is an important part of that process.

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