Pain Management Tips For Seniors Aging At Home

Chronic pain is something that most seniors will struggle with at one point or another. Even seniors that don’t have serious chronic illnesses can have chronic pain. Age-related aches and pains along with pain from conditions like arthritis can limit a senior’s ability to stay in their home as they get older because that pain can make it difficult for them to do the things they need to do to live independently. If your senior parent really wants to live independently in their own home but they struggle with chronic pain home care services can help.

With home care, seniors have help with things like cooking, cleaning, running errands, and managing their medications so that they stay at home as they get older.

Some other pain management tips that seniors can use to lessen their chronic pain are:

Move More

Home Care Ontario OH - Pain Management Tips For Seniors Aging At Home

Home Care Ontario OH – Pain Management Tips For Seniors Aging At Home

Moving may be the last thing seniors want to do if they’re experiencing chronic pain, but movement is one of the best ways that seniors can manage chronic pain and improve their mobility. Regular movement will increase circulation, keep muscles strong, and help lessen pain. Seniors should be making it a habit to get at least 30 minutes of movement in for at least five days of the week. Going for a walk, swimming, and other low-impact exercises will help seniors feel better and move more easily. Seniors who are active typically have less chronic pain than seniors who don’t. So even though it might be painful at first seniors need to move more to get rid of pain.

Exercise The Right Way

When seniors that have chronic pain exercise they need to take care that they don’t make their pain worse. So, when seniors are exercising they need to make sure that they always warm up first. Warming up their muscles and getting in some good stretching will help seniors avoid injuries and more pain. Seniors should also consider wearing braces or joint supports to make sure that they don’t injure sore joints further. Wearing protective gear, always getting in a good warm-up, and exercising as much as possible are all good ways for seniors to use exercise to reduce pain.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods and Get Enough Sleep

One of the sources of the chronic pain that seniors experience might be the foods that they are eating. Wheat, gluten, and other commonly inflammatory foods can cause seniors to have a lot of pain. Even if seniors don’t have a diagnosed allergy to an inflammatory food they may be sensitive to it and therefore that food sets off an inflammatory reaction in the body. Many people who aren’t actually allergic to gluten are sensitive to it and can experience an inflammatory reaction to eating gluten.

Another thing that seniors can do to get rid of pain is sleep. Sleep is when the body heals itself so seniors who aren’t getting enough sleep aren’t giving their body time to repair itself. Seniors should be getting at least eight hours of sleep most nights of the week.

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