COVID Isn’t Over! Make Sure You Don’t Spread It to Your Mom

As the government winds down on things like free COVID testing, it doesn’t mean the virus is over. It’s always going to be around. Family caregivers need to remember that they must stay home if they’re sick. It’s too easy to spread a virus to your mom. If you find yourself experiencing possible symptoms of a cold, flu, or another virus such as COVID, stay home. The reality is that COVID is like the flu and for others, it’s a bad head cold. Someone with a compromised immune system may face life-threatening complications. Older adults are more susceptible to complications, so it’s better not to chance it. Hire home care assistance services for when you can’t be there.

Flu Vs. Cold Vs. COVID

Home Care Assistance Bellville OH - COVID Isn't Over! Make Sure You Don't Spread It to Your Mom

Home Care Assistance Bellville OH – COVID Isn’t Over! Make Sure You Don’t Spread It to Your Mom

How do you even know if you have COVID and not a cold or flu? If possible, test and find out. Rapid tests are done at home and can make it easy to determine if you have COVID. It’s not foolproof, however, so even if the results are negative, you should still take precautions to keep your mom from getting it.

Symptoms of COVID vary, but it often includes a headache, fever, exhaustion, congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and cough. Some people experience a temporary loss of taste and smell, which is different from a cold or the flu.

After exposure to someone with COVID, the incubation time can be up to 14 days but the average is five to six days. Some strains incubate faster than others. The incubation time for the cold or flu is one to three days.

No matter what you have, you should avoid spreading it to your mom. Your immune system might fight it effectively, but your mom could end up with breathing issues stemming from severe congestion and inflammation.

Take Care of Yourself

Without even thinking about your mom getting it, your main concern right now should be self-care. Take care of yourself. If it is COVID, it’s exhausting. Listen to your body and sleep as much as you need. Take it easy and drink plenty of fluids.

Now is a good time to relax and catch up on movies, TV shows, and books. While you do that, your mom doesn’t have to be alone. You can ask your brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, and family friends to help out. Stay home and let them support your mom for now.

Hire Home Care Assistance Providers and Stay at Home

What do you do if you don’t have family members who can chip in? Call our home care assistance agency and ask about respite care. While you’re staying home until you’re no longer contagious, your mom has the help she needs with daily tasks. Home care assistance eases your fears of leaving your mom alone, and it ensures you take the time to feel better and not risk your mom’s health.

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