National Women’s History Month: Women Who Changed the World of Nursing

National Women’s History Month takes place every March. There are females who pioneered the way for other women to hold important roles, such as Britain’s first female prime minister Margaret Thatcher, or women like Rosa Parks who challenged segregation and discrimination. Some of history’s famous women changed the world of nursing by providing home health care services.

Home Health Care Willard OH - National Women's History Month: Women Who Changed the World of Nursing

Home Health Care Willard OH – National Women’s History Month: Women Who Changed the World of Nursing

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Clara Barton

Though Clara Barton was not trained as a nurse, she still went on to found the American Red Cross. She was instrumental in helping care for wounded soldiers during the Civil War when hospitals were overwhelmed. After that, she went to Europe and learned about the International Red Cross and came back home to establish the same program in her home country.

Dorothea Dix

Dorothea Dix was not a nurse. But, her role in caring for mentally ill people around the world led to the establishment of government-funded mental hospitals in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

Loretta Ford

Loretta Ford co-founded the nation’s first program to educate and train nurse practitioners to help fulfill some of the work doctors do. She did so after training students at the Denver Visiting Nurse Service and realized there was a serious lack of primary care physicians in certain communities.

Virginia Henderson

As a nurse, Virginia Henderson fully believed that patients who regained independence as quickly as possible were more likely to make a full recovery and that it was the nurse’s role to get patients to this point. She’s known as the “First Lady of Nursing” and authored the Textbook of the Principles and Practices of Nursing and Basic Principles of Nursing Care based on her “Need Theory.”

Hazel Johnson-Brown

Hazel Johnson-Brown was denied a place at a local nursing school due to her color. She went to New York, completed her nursing education there, and enlisted. She could go on to become the director of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale’s role in the Crimean War changed a lot for the medical world. It’s her knowledge of sanitary practices that helped shape the guidelines many medical professionals follow for disease control and infection prevention.

She watched soldiers who should have survived their injuries perish. She pushed for better sanitary measures like washing hands and sanitizing floors and surfaces to keep infections away.

Mary O’Neill Mundinger

Mary O’Neill Mundinger was first a nurse and eventually an assistant professor and Dean of the Columbia University School of Nursing. She established the first Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, creating the first doctorate program for nursing.

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