Skilled Nursing At Home Helps Seniors Manage Chronic Conditions

Seniors who have chronic conditions often need to go to multiple medical appointments and medical testing facilities to get the care they need to manage those conditions. But getting to all of those appointments can be difficult for seniors, especially seniors that don’t drive any longer. In addition to having to arrange transportation often a family member or a skilled nursing care aide will need to accompany that senior to each appointment.

Skilled Nursing Care Mansfield OH - Skilled Nursing At Home Helps Seniors Manage Chronic Conditions

Skilled Nursing Care Mansfield OH – Skilled Nursing At Home Helps Seniors Manage Chronic Conditions

Before the appointment, the senior will need to shower or bathe, brush their teeth, comb their hair, get dressed, and get ready to be in a car. Seniors who have impaired mobility may find it very difficult to climb in and out of a vehicle, especially a cab or a rideshare vehicle. Managing a chronic condition can be a nightmare for seniors.

Skilled nursing at home can make managing chronic conditions much easier for seniors and their families. When seniors have skilled nursing care at home they can get the routine medical care that they need to manage conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions at home so they don’t have to go through the hassles of getting to many medical appointments.

The biggest benefits of skilled nursing care at home for seniors include:

Condition Monitoring

When a skilled nurse comes to a senior’s home to take readings, perform tests, and get other measurements of their condition they are able to monitor that senior’s condition in a comfortable and private way. And since the same nurse is monitoring that senior’s condition on an ongoing basis the senior will enjoy a better quality of care. Condition monitoring at home helps seniors stay healthier for longer periods of time.

Advice And Recommendations

Part of managing chronic conditions is giving advice and recommendations based on the senior’s lifestyle, diet, and typical activity levels. It’s very difficult for doctors and nurses who only see a senior in the office to make practical and achievable recommendations when they aren’t aware of what that senior’s home environment is like. Nurses who are helping seniors manage chronic conditions at home have the advantage of being able to see a senior’s home, pantry, and other conditions so that they can make recommendations that seniors will actually be able to implement. Those recommendations that are tailored to your senior loved one’s home and lifestyle will be more effective than generic recommendations.

Accurate Reports

When seniors have blood drawn or other medical tests done at a medical facility the results of those tests are not always as accurate as they could be. When a nurse is performing tests or gathering samples for tests while a senior is at home where they are comfortable they are more likely to get accurate readings that aren’t impacted by things like stress. Seniors will be more relaxed in their home environment when they haven’t had to go out, walk long distances, or go through a lot of hassle. And when seniors are relaxed their blood pressure, breathing rate, and other important vital sign readings will be more accurate which will help the nurse and their doctor provide better care.

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