What Is Speech Therapy and How Does it Help Seniors?

As seniors grow older, they may find that they have needs that specialists can help them to resolve. Whether they’re dealing with health issues like a stroke or dementia or finding it more difficult to use language in the way that they’re accustomed to, speech therapy at home services for speech might be the perfect answer. Understanding what speech therapy is and how it helps seniors can be the first step in putting a therapeutic plan together.

Speech Therapy Is about More than Just Talking

Speech Therapy at Home Marion OH - What Is Speech Therapy and How Does it Help Seniors?

Speech Therapy at Home Marion OH – What Is Speech Therapy and How Does it Help Seniors?

People who aren’t familiar with speech therapy often view it as something that just helps people to speak. While that’s part of what this type of therapy does, there’s a lot more going on. Speech-language pathologists are trained to assess and treat communication disorders. The different types of speech-language therapy can help with pronouncing words, building vocabulary, and helping someone improve the flow of their speech. But speech therapists can also help people who have trouble chewing and swallowing to develop those skills, live with hearing loss, and use alternative communication daily.

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Seniors

As seniors age, they may find that they’re dealing with new illnesses, changes to cognitive health, and other issues that affect their ability to communicate effectively. These situations can leave seniors feeling isolated and alone, which can lead to bigger problems, like depression and worsening overall health. Working with a speech therapist allows aging adults to improve their overall quality of life and maintain their independence. This is crucial when someone has a goal to age in place for as long as possible. Speech therapists help aging adults to reduce their frustration, maintain social skills, and keep their brains healthy.

Types of Speech Therapy Techniques

There are many different types of speech therapy techniques that aging adults might need. Some are simple, like smiling and puckering lips. Tongue and mouth exercises might also be recommended by a speech therapist to help seniors with forming words more easily. Playing games, learning new technologies, and activities like reading aloud might also be part of someone’s therapy program.

When Is it Time for Seniors to Seek Speech Therapy at Home?

Seniors may need help from a speech therapist after any number of health issues develop. If someone has a stroke, for instance, there are challenges related to moving the face and mouth as well as cognitive changes and speech therapists can help with both. People with hearing impairments may need assistance learning how to formulate words and use technology to assist with communication. Cognitive illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease offer other challenges with communication, and speech therapists can help with those as well.

Working with a speech therapist is something that can help seniors to improve communication, and independence, and remain active. Finding a speech therapist can be as easy as starting with primary care physicians and asking for a referral or contacting a speech therapist’s office directly. The therapist can make a thorough assessment and then puts together a plan to meet each individual patient’s needs properly.

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