Does Your Mom Need a Feeding Tube?

The first Feeding Tube Awareness Week occurred 12 years ago. It’s been one of the best ways to raise awareness of the importance of feeding tubes to maintain health in all ages. Feeding Tube Awareness Week starts on February 6th. Your mom had a stroke and needs a feeding tube for now due to her difficulty swallowing, so this is all new to you. This is a situation where having skilled nursing care services would be helpful.

When your mom needs a feeding tube, what should you be doing? Is feeding tube care even something you should attempt?

Different Types of Feeding Tubes

Skilled Nursing Care Ontario OH - Does Your Mom Need a Feeding Tube?

Skilled Nursing Care Ontario OH – Does Your Mom Need a Feeding Tube?

What kind of feeding tube is your mom’s medical team recommending? For many stroke patients, a tube goes through the nose and down into the stomach. The feedings are delivered through this tube through an IV. A nasogastric tube can be inserted for up to six weeks.

There are also orogastric tubes that go into the mouth. They’re for very short-term use of no more than two weeks.

These tubes are ideal for temporary feeding tube situations. As your mom’s ability to chew returns, she’ll have the tube removed.

Some feeding tubes are inserted through the abdominal wall and are designed to be in place longer or more permanently. These tubes have the meal injected through a syringe and tube that connects to the port inserted into the abdomen.

Either feeding tube needs to be flushed after to prevent clogs and to make sure the tube is clean of the nutrient solution. This ensures sterility and lowers the risk of infection from older meal particles.

The area around the feeding tube also needs to be kept clean and checked for signs of infection. A nurse knows what to look for and how to care for the skin in between feedings.

Can You Do This Yourself or Do You Need Skilled Nursing Care Providers?

It’s possible with some feeding tubes to administer the liquified meals yourself, but it takes training. You need to pay close attention in the hospital to make sure you’re comfortable with the process. If you don’t live close enough, you can’t just leave your mom alone.

Your mom will need full-time caregivers to help out with housekeeping, transportation, bathing, and companionship. You also need to look into having skilled nursing care services help with feeding when your mom goes home.

Ask Your Mom’s Medical Team for Input

Talk to your mom’s medical team about her post-stroke care needs. She can have skilled nurses coming to her home to help with feeding tubes and many other services. If she needs IV medications, her nurses can insert the IV line and administer medications and fluids.

Your mom’s nurses also offer skilled nursing care services like injections, wound care if she has any cuts or incisions, and regular monitoring of his vital signs. Call our skilled nursing care specialist to schedule visits from nurses.


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