Why Is Foot Care So Important With Diabetes?

When you have diabetes, it can affect more than your sugar levels, it impacts your feet. People with diabetes tend to have drier feet, and a blister, cut, or sore can quickly become infected and lead to serious problems and even the need for amputation. Foot care is something your dad pays close attention to. What happens if he had a blister or his heels cracked and now he has an infection? It’s time to address the benefit of having home health care services for wound care and diabetes education.

People with diabetes may find their nerves in the feet are impacted. Loss of sensation is more common than you might think. As a result, a person doesn’t feel when something is wrong. They won’t feel an ingrown nail, cut, or pressure sore. Daily inspections of the bottom of the feet are crucial.

Wash and Moisturize His Feet Every Day

Home Health Care Ashland OH - Why Is Foot Care So Important With Diabetes?

Home Health Care Ashland OH – Why Is Foot Care So Important With Diabetes?

Your dad should wash his feet every day. He needs to dry them properly and apply heel cream to his heels. He wants an unscented cream and needs to be careful that he avoids getting it between his toes. Foot fungus is likely to grow if the skin is damp.

Wearing socks is important for keeping the cream in place. Plus, socks keep him from getting slivers and sores by stepping on sharp crumbs or cracked or chipped wooden flooring. If he hates socks, he should have slippers on instead.

Trim Nails Properly

When your dad trims his toenails, he needs to cut straight across. Any rough edges need to be filed down so that they’re smooth. He wants to look for signs of ingrown nails, corns, or torn cuticles. If he has any issues, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to have his feet examined and cared for professionally.

Inspect the Feet for Blisters, Cuts, Cracks, and Sores

If he has any sores or other wounds, wound care services are something your family should consider. Your dad can have a nurse clean the wounds and bandage them to lessen the odds of infection.

If the signs of infection are present, his nurse will talk to his doctor about the next steps. His home health care nurse can set up an IV for antibiotics, administer medications, and give any recommended injections.

Hire Home Health Care Providers

Address your dad’s health issues with his medical team. Ask about working with a home health care nurse to help your dad learn how to properly take care of his feet, what foods he should be eating, and how to check and manage his blood sugar levels.

When he keeps his sugar levels under control and takes proper care of his feet, he’s less likely to risk problems with his foot health. Call our home health care specialist to address what his doctor says would help and schedule those services.

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