Helping Your Loved One Recover from a Broken Wrist

Breaking a bone is always a traumatic event. Besides the pain that comes with such a serious injury, there is the residing fear that another bone could be broken and maybe even the realization of how quickly a bone can break and cause the whole world to turn upside down. As the caregiver of an elderly loved one who has recently broken her wrist or forearm, helping her get back on her own is a big responsibility. In addition to making sure she receives the physical therapy services she needs, you may also need to help her around the home for a while, drive her to and from appointments, and help her feel safe again in her own home (or in yours if the accident occurred there).

Physical healing with physical therapy services

Physical Therapy Shelby OH - Helping Your Loved One Recover from a Broken Wrist

Physical Therapy Shelby OH – Helping Your Loved One Recover from a Broken Wrist

Sometimes physical healing is the clearest process. Your loved one’s doctor will give instructions on what activities to avoid, how to care for the cast or sling, and what physical therapy your loved one should have once she’s able to start moving the affected area again. You might consider having a skilled nursing care provider come to the home to perform the physical therapy rather than having to drive your loved one to and from physical therapy appointments.

You can also aid in the physical healing of your loved one’s broken wrist by making sure she eats foods that are rich in Vitamin D and calcium to support her bone healing as well as provide strength for all of her bones to prevent further breaks.

Emotional healing

Whether this is the first broken bone for your parent or just one of many, she’s sure to be shaken by the experience. She may find herself depressed by the concept of her being able to break a bone so easily. She might also be angry and place the blame on others around her -even you. Many of her emotions will be fear-based and as her caregiver, helping her talk about those emotions and work through them is important. Remind her that all emotions are valid and you’re there to listen and help her process.

Psychological healing

You might see your parent acting differently after a scary fall and broken bone. She might all of a sudden, not want to go out anymore, or maybe the stairs scare her. She might refuse to participate in events or activities that she used to love. If possible, get her to share why she’s choosing not to do something anymore. If she says the stairs make her too nervous now, look for ways to make them safer, such as adding more lighting or an additional handrail. If she broke her wrist or arm while reaching for something, investigate ways you can make her home more accessible.

Your loved one might also be interested in having someone come to the home to help with chores that she’s not comfortable doing right now, like an elder care provider. They can help in the short-term or long-term, depending on your loved one’s needs.

Healing takes place in many areas, not just the bone, so be patient with your loved one and yourself as she goes through the healing process.

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