Planning a Vacation with Your Loved One

January 31 is National Plan for Vacation Day. It’s a great day for it as many people who are suffering through those cold, dreary winter days are dreaming of nicer days and an escape from it all.
If you’re thinking you’d like to plan a vacation this year with your elderly loved one, there are aspects of your vacation you’ll need to take into consideration to make sure your elderly loved one can also enjoy the vacation without overdoing it. The vacation schedule may look a little different than it did years ago, but you can still plan a wonderful vacation with your elderly loved one. It could be useful to have a companion care at home aide accompany your senior for this event.

Here are some things to consider as you plan your vacation.

Companion Care at Home Galion OH - Planning a Vacation with Your Loved One

Companion Care at Home Galion OH – Planning a Vacation with Your Loved One

Ask your loved one where they’d like to go. Since your loved one may not have too many vacations in the future, now is a great time to ask her where she’d like to visit. If there isn’t a place she’s always been dreaming of, have her hop on the computer with her companion care at home provider (or look in an atlas) to find a great spot to visit.

Talk about what is realistic. If you know a 30-minute walk with her companion care at home provider tires your loved one out, don’t plan a vacation that includes a walking tour around the streets of Paris. Your loved one might feel guilty about slowing others down but reassure her that you’ll be well aware of the pace before you go (and explain this to any others coming along).

Make sure where you’re going accommodates her needs. If your loved one uses a wheelchair or an ECV, you’ll want to plan a vacation that will allow her to get around using the adaptive devices she needs. If she has a special diet she needs to adhere to, call ahead to make sure meals can make those adjustments.

Make a plan regarding who will help your loved one each day. If you have multiple family members going, think about assigning each one caregiving duties. You can’t bring your companion care at home provider, so consider who will do the tasks they normally take care of and plan it out beforehand. You don’t want to find yourself doing 100% of the caregiving, robbing you of enjoying the vacation. You can break caregiving up on a day-by-day basis, or you can do it on a task basis, whichever suits your family best.

Make sure you have enough medications to cover travel time plus some extra. When preparing and packing medications and other medical needs, make sure you not only have enough to cover each day that you’re away but also enough to cover an additional week just in case you get stuck somewhere, miss a flight, or find yourselves with an unexpected layover somewhere.

A group family vacation can be a wonderful time for all, creating memories and enjoying new sights and sounds while escaping the hum drums of home. With careful planning, you’ll have a trip of a lifetime.

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