Hobbies Help Your Dad Stay Active

As your dad gets older, his social circle gets smaller. His friends have moved to other areas for warmer weather or a lower cost of living. He’s not at work anymore, so he’s often home alone for days before anyone stops by. You’re worried about him being alone and isolated. Having in-home care services could assist with this issue. Have you looked at finding hobbies that appeal to him? When the goal is to help him stay active, what are the best hobbies?


In-Home Care Mansfield OH - Hobbies Help Your Dad Stay Active

In-Home Care Mansfield OH – Hobbies Help Your Dad Stay Active

Golf can be a bit more expensive with the clubs and fees, but it’s a good way to get your dad outside and walk around. As long as he’s not renting a golf cart and walking all of the holes, he’ll get in plenty of steps during one game.

Depending on the size of the course, your dad could be walking as much as seven miles during one game. That exceeds the ideal goal of 10,000 steps per day.

If he enjoys golf, disc golf is another option. It also uses less equipment as he’ll just need a set of discs and to head to a local disc golf course, which is usually free to the public.


If your dad likes wildlife, birdwatching is a great activity. He can watch birds at feeders from his windows, but he’ll want to get out and walk. A walk through a nature preserve or forested area helps him see birds he’d never see at his home. Plus, he’s out getting fresh air and exercise.

Birdwatching doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Your dad needs binoculars and either a bird-identifying app, which is easy if he has a smartphone, or a birder’s field guide. He may want a journal or list of birds to check off when he’s spotted them.


Get your dad a camera to start and see if photography appeals to him. He can go out to a lake and photograph birds or walk around an easy trail in the woods and take photos of plants and animals. He might like photographing people, the sky, or buildings.

Photography can become a lucrative money-making hobby, too. He could turn his photos into notecards or framed art to see to others at craft shows, online, or at farmers’ markets.

In-Home Care Aides can Encourage Activity

Keeping busy and engaged is important as your dad gets older. If he’s starting to slow down or become more isolated, arrange in-home care services to help him stay active. His caregiver keeps him company on walks and can help with cleaning and organization in his home.

The other benefit of in-home care services is that your dad has someone to help him run errands. That help can improve his confidence levels. An in-home care advisor can go over prices, schedules, and how to make the arrangements.

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