Warning Signs Of Diabetes Seniors Shouldn’t Ignore

Diabetes is very common in seniors, and it’s something that seniors and their families should know more about. November is National Diabetes Awareness Month so it’s the perfect time for seniors and their families to learn more about diabetes, how seniors can avoid it, and how companion care at home providers can help.

Companion Care at Home Ashland OH - Warning Signs Of Diabetes Seniors Shouldn’t Ignore

Companion Care at Home Ashland OH – Warning Signs Of Diabetes Seniors Shouldn’t Ignore

Seniors already have a higher risk of developing diabetes than other age groups. Seniors that have high-risk factors for diabetes like being overweight, having a family history of diabetes, living a sedentary lifestyle, or being really stressed out need to be very careful about developing diabetes.

There are a lot of symptoms of diabetes experienced by seniors who are diabetic or pre-diabetic even though they might not know it yet. Taken alone these symptoms don’t necessarily mean that a senior has diabetes.

Seniors that are experiencing two or more of these symptoms should get checked for diabetes:

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is something that can indicate other health problems, not just diabetes. But if your senior loved one has risk factors for diabetes like smoking or being overweight and they start to have blurry vision or trouble seeing it’s time for a check-up. Left untreated diabetic retinopathy can lead to blindness or other problems. And vision problems like dry eyes and blurry eyes can lead to other eye and vision problems too.


Neuropathy is the tingling pins-and-needles sensation that occurs in the limbs when they “fall asleep”. These can also be painful. Because of the nature of neuropathy often seniors overlook it. They may not even mention they are having it because they assume it’s just a side effect of aging. But neuropathy isn’t a side effect of aging. It’s an indicator of nerve damage and it needs to be checked out by a doctor.

Their Companion Care at Home Aide Notices Sudden Weight Loss

Weight loss may seem like a good thing, especially if your senior loved one is overweight. But in seniors, a dramatic or sudden weight loss can mean that the body isn’t getting the nutrition it needs because of diabetes. If your senior loved one hasn’t changed their diet, isn’t exercising or working out more, and their companion care at home provider is making them healthy meals that they are eating then your senior loved one needs to be seen by a doctor.

Being Thirsty All The Time

It can be difficult to tell if your senior loved one is thirsty all the time because they never drink water during the day. But if you notice that your senior loved one is complaining of being thirsty a lot it’s a good idea to get them in to see their doctor. The doctor may prescribe exercise and other changes that will help seniors avoid going into full-blown diabetes if possible.

If your senior parent is thirsty as a result of a medication or another medical condition, suggest to their companion care at home provider that they should encourage your senior loved one to drink water at least once an hour. Then make sure they get to see a doctor to get checked for diabetes.

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