How Common Chronic Health Conditions Impact Ability of Self Care

As your dad gets older, how are his health and mobility changing? Two out of five U.S. adults have at least two chronic health conditions. Your dad can seem healthy and still have health issues that impact his ability to care for himself. Take a closer look at some of the chronic health issues that older adults face and how home care services can assist.

What Are the Most Common Chronic Health Conditions?

Around 157 million Americans have at least one chronic health condition. These are the most common if you look at all ages.

  • High blood pressure – 26%
  • Arthritis – 20%
  • Respiratory conditions – 19%
  • Cholesterol disorders – 13%
  • Chronic mental health issues – 13%
  • Heart disease – 11%

That’s all ages. What about older adults? Four out of five adults 65 or older have at least one of these chronic conditions.

  • High blood pressure – 58%
  • High cholesterol – 7%
  • Arthritis – 31%
  • Heart disease – 29%
  • Diabetes – 27%
  • Chronic kidney disease – 18%
  • Heart failure – 14%
  • Mental health, specifically depression – 14%
  • Dementia, including Alzheimer’s – 11%
  • COPD – 11%

In addition to these chronic conditions, there are underlying factors that can increase the risk and should be addressed. Obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages all play a part, and your dad’s doctor may discuss taking steps to improve his health by making lifestyle changes.

How Home Care Aides can Assist him

Home Care Shelby OH - How Common Chronic Health Conditions Impact Ability of Self Care

Home Care Shelby OH – How Common Chronic Health Conditions Impact Ability of Self Care

Home care helps your dad with many of these changes. Hire caregivers to walk with him each day. If he has others to walk with, he’s more likely to go for a walk as he has people to talk to while he walks. Plus, he may feel safer if he’s not alone.

His home care aide can plan meals that appeal to him. With a weekly menu in mind, he has someone to help him build a shopping list, take him to the grocery store, and help him choose the right items.

Your dad’s caregiver can load the trunk, carry groceries inside, and put items away. If anything needs to be marinated before going into the freezer or refrigerator, his caregiver can help him. When it’s time for a meal or snack, his caregiver makes home-cooked entrees, sides, and appetizers that meet his dietary needs.

If he hates eating alone, he has a caregiver there to join him. He’s not lonely as he eats, which is one way to ensure he eats a full meal rather than snacks on quick items that aren’t as healthy.

What Is Your Dad Struggling to Complete?

When your dad has health issues that impact his ability to care for himself, don’t struggle to balance his care needs with your personal life, career, and family time. Arrange home care services to help your dad when you’re not available. Call our home care advisor to learn more.


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