Enjoy the Fall Weather with Your Senior

Many of us are breathing a sigh of relief as the fall approaches and the temperatures become more bearable for outdoor activities. Perhaps your senior parent is one of them. They might have spent too many days of the hot summer months avoiding outdoor activities due to the extreme heat, rain, and insects. With that in mind, now might be a great time to plan some fun fall events for your senior to do outside. Hire companion care at home providers who can accompany your loved one in getting out.

In those parts of the country where a harsh winter can follow fall, getting out and enjoying it while you can makes it all the more important.

Here are some low-cost, great ways to enjoy all that fall has to offer.

Companion Care at Home Lexington OH - Enjoy the Fall Weather with Your Senior

Companion Care at Home Lexington OH – Enjoy the Fall Weather with Your Senior

Go to a football game. If your parent is a football fan, this is a great time to go enjoy a game, and maybe even some tailgating. While the pro leagues can have fairly expensive game tickets, your local high school or college may have tickets that are within your parent’s budget and usually have lower crowds and traffic to deal with. It’s a great way to support the community as well.

Enjoy all the leaves. In many parts of the country, the trees put on a final show of beautiful color. Your elderly parent can enjoy all of those lovely colors in several ways. An easy way to see all of the colors is to go for a drive in the country. Your companion care at home provider can take your parent for a nice drive through areas that are known for colorful foliage. Maybe they’ll even pick up some pumpkin-flavored drinks along the way.

Another great way to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage is to get out in it. Have your companion care at home provider bring your parent to a local park or forest to explore and not only see the leaves but enjoy the smells of a forest floor covered in fall leaves. It can evoke some wonderful autumn memories.

Visit a pumpkin patch. Pumpkin patches and garden stores pop up all over during the fall season. A quick drive out to visit one can be just the thing to lift your parent’s spirits. Perhaps she’ll even want to pick a pumpkin or two to put out for visitors to see. A family member or your companion care at home provider can help her carve a welcoming face on each pumpkin. If the patch offers a hay ride, help your parent up on the cart to tour the area and soak it all in. It’s a nice relaxing way to spend a little time.

Plant some bulbs. Fall is the time to plant those flower bulbs in many areas of the country. Or maybe your parent just needs to clean up her garden to prepare it for the winter months ahead. Have others chip in to make it a fun and relaxing chore for her. It can be quite a lot of work to do alone.

However, you choose to do it, heading outside this fall not only lifts a person’s spirits but can give your parent just what she needs to get through the long winter months coming up.

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