Tips For Communicating With A Senior Who Has Alzheimer’s

If your senior parent has Alzheimer’s you may be having a hard time communicating with them. As the illness progresses your senior parent will likely not be able to tell you when they are hungry or thirsty or tired. And you will probably say the wrong thing pretty often. But that’s ok. It’s a process to learn how to communicate with a senior parent who has Alzheimer’s as the disease progresses. 24-hour home care services are strongly recommended for seniors with Alzheimer’s.

24-Hour Home Care Marion OH - Tips For Communicating With A Senior Who Has Alzheimer’s

24-Hour Home Care Marion OH – Tips For Communicating With A Senior Who Has Alzheimer’s

That’s because a 24-hour home care provider who is trained in Alzheimer’s care has been taught how to recognize the signals that someone with Alzheimer’s is hungry, thirsty, tired, and so on. Your senior loved one can benefit greatly from having a caregiver there day and night.

And trained 24-hour home care providers can also help you learn to communicate better with your senior parent who has Alzheimer’s using tips like these:

Keep Your Tone Cheerful

People who have Alzheimer’s develop unique coping mechanisms to try and make sense of the world around them. One of those mechanisms is paying close attention to tone. They may not know what you are saying but they will listen intently to your tone to figure out if it’s something positive or negative. If they hear irritation or negativity in your tone they will assume you’re mad at them or they have done something wrong. Keep your tone cheerful or neutral to reassure them that things are ok.

Deflect Bad News Or Unpleasant News

Often your senior parent with Alzheimer’s may ask something that has a negative answer. They may ask why they haven’t seen their spouse or a sibling or someone else close to them in a long time. The reason for that could be that the person has passed away, but telling your senior loved one that would only hurt them. And they would need to feel all that grief again the next time they ask. Instead of repeating sad things over and over just deflect the question and redirect them to another topic.

Look For Physical Signals Of What They Are Feeling

Your senior parent with Alzheimer’s may not be able to tell you what they are feeling but there are physical signs. If they are rubbing their eyes frequently they are probably tired. If they are restless or keep getting up they may need to use the bathroom. Pay attention to the physical signs of what they are feeling.

A Smile And A Reassuring Pat Go A Long Way

Unfortunately, sometimes your senior parent with Alzheimer’s will be so lost in their own mind that they won’t be making any sense to you. That is just part of the reality when someone you love has Alzheimer’s. But even when you aren’t sure what they are trying to communicate you can give them a smile and a reassuring pat on the arm or the hand. Your smile and physical touch will reassure them that they are safe and that they are loved.

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