Make It Easier For Your Dad to Get Enough to Eat

Over five million older adults experienced food insecurity in 2020. On the lower end of the scale, just over 4% of the elderly residents in Maine and New Hampshire experienced food insecurity while almost 17% of Arkansas’ older adults experienced it. Is your dad getting enough to eat? How do you help him? Is it time to hire in-home care providers to monitor and adjust his eating habits?

Plant a Garden

In-Home Care Mt. Vernon OH - Make It Easier For Your Dad to Get Enough to Eat

In-Home Care Mt. Vernon OH – Make It Easier For Your Dad to Get Enough to Eat

It’s never too late to start gardening. Raised beds are easy to maintain and do well. With some cedar lumber, compost, and garden soil, you can set up a garden area near your dad’s driveway or patio. If space is limited, grow items in whiskey barrel planters.

Grow crops that you know your dad will enjoy. Zucchini is one crop that can produce a lot of vegetables from one plant. Green beans, spinach, chard, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers also do well in raised beds and flourish with sun and water.

If you’re late in the season, aim for crops that grow quickly and are tolerant to cooler weather, such as spinach, kale, green onions, and turnips. Your dad can head into the fall with vegetables in his garden.

Plan Weekly Menus

Take time to plan weekly menus. If there’s a clear plan in place, you can keep track of what he has and what’s needed. Sticking to a menu makes it easier to budget weekly grocery costs. There are plenty of menu planning apps that help. Some even build a shopping list as you plan your menu.

Lower-cost foods can be packed with nutrients without being unaffordable on a fixed budget. Dried and canned beans, barley, canned tomatoes, and vegetables like cabbage and carrots are the most affordable.

Hire In-Home Care Aides for Shopping Trips

Does your dad have someone to drive him to grocery stores? He may not be able to drive far, but you can make sure an in-home care provider is available to take him. Even if he’s miles from a store, he has a driver available to accompany him on the trip.

If he’s in a rural area where it’s tough to get to a store, consider home delivery services. There are companies that can deliver fruits, vegetables, and other groceries to your dad’s home.

Keep His Kitchen Clean and Organized

If your dad’s kitchen is clean and organized, it’s easier to find what he needs. It also helps keep track of what he is out of. If he keeps stocking up on clearance items he finds, other items can be lost behind the newer purchases. Keep his kitchen organized to ensure nothing expires before he uses it.

When your dad has a hard time with grocery shopping and kitchen organization, it’s imperative that you make sure he has a helping hand. Call our in-home care advisor and learn more about pricing, services, and how to book in-home care.


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