In-Home Care For Seniors After A Fall

There are more than 36 million falls in the United States each year. Falling is the most common way that seniors are injured, and many of those falls happen at home. Typically a senior who falls must go to the hospital and get an X-ray or MRI to check for broken bones and other injuries. They may stay in the hospital if they are badly injured. But after they return home those seniors will still need time and extra care to recover from that fall. Very few seniors are completely healed and have no mobility issues when they are released from the hospital after a fall. In-home care providers can help your senior recover after a fall.

Preventing Other Falls with In-Home Care Aides Overseeing

In-Home Care Shelby OH - In-Home Care For Seniors After A Fall

In-Home Care Shelby OH – In-Home Care For Seniors After A Fall

One of the most important things that an in-home care provider can do is help prevent your senior loved one from falling again. They can make sure that the home is set up in a way that your senior loved one can easily get around even with a cane, a walker, or a cast. They can also suggest modifications to the home that will keep your senior loved one safe in the future. In-home care providers can also watch for things like balance impairment, dizziness, and other medical symptoms that may have caused the initial fall.

Helping With Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is essential for seniors after a fall. The more rehabilitation a senior does the greater the chances are that they will retain some mobility and use of their affected limbs after a fall. A home health care professional that has experience with rehab can help your senior loved one to do their recommended rehabilitation exercises every day. They can also track your senior loved one’s progress to share with their doctor at follow-up appointments.

Tracking Medical Symptoms

If there was an underlying medical condition that caused the initial fall an in-home care provider can document and track those symptoms so that information can be given to your senior loved one’s primary doctor. The doctor will be able to diagnose and treat any underlying conditions that are making your senior parent prone to falling so that they can be safer at home. It’s important to have medical professionals track symptoms because they are trained in what symptoms to look for and how to determine how severe those symptoms are or if they seem to be getting worse as time goes on.

Managing Pain and Medication

Your senior loved one will probably have significant pain for a while after their fall. An in-home care provider can monitor your senior loved one’s consumption of medications and make sure that they aren’t taking too much heavy pain medication. They can also make sure that your senior loved one won’t have any bad interactions between the pain medicine they have been prescribed and any other medications that they are taking for other conditions.


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