Summer Activities for Your Arthritic Mom

Your mom has osteoarthritis. It’s not surprising as 49.6% of adults 65 or older have arthritis. Different things make her arthritis pain flare up. Changes in barometric pressure, cold temperatures, and stress are three of the biggest reasons. While she’d like to be outside with her grandchildren all summer, some of the things they love to do trigger flare-ups. Hiring companion care at home providers can assist her on doing the things that cause her a problem.

What are some of the best summer activities to keep her from experiencing a flare-up that also gets her up and active? You and her companion care at home aides could help her partake in these activities listed below.

Maintain a Garden

Companion Care at Home Bellville OH - Summer Activities for Your Arthritic Mom

Companion Care at Home Bellville OH – Summer Activities for Your Arthritic Mom

Vegetable and flower gardens ensure your mom gets outside all summer. She’ll have areas to weed and crops she can grow and harvest for meals and snacks. Weeding is a good way to exercise the hands, as she has to dig at the roots and pull the weeds out.

Flower gardens are pretty to look at, and she’ll have fresh-cut flowers to bring into her home. Purchase some flower foam and decorative planters. She can make her own flower arrangements to add color to her decor.

Walk Along the Shore or Ride Bikes

Your mom may not want to go into cold water, but she could walk along the shore of a lake or ocean while your kids go into the water. Walking is a great way to exercise the joints and ease joint pain. If she feels like going into the water, shallower areas and tide pools will be warmer than the open water.

Rent bikes if you need to and ride along a bike trail. If you can rent electric bikes, your mom can take breaks from pedaling as needed. Bike paths keep her out of most traffic, so she may feel a lot less anxious about riding. Plus, it’s a scenic outing, so she’ll have fun checking out the sights along the way.

Head to a Natural Spring for a Picnic or Play Backyard Games

Check for hot springs in your state. Even a cooler natural spring will warm up with the sun. Your mom may find the warm spring water very soothing to her sore joints. Bring a picnic and everyone can have fun both in and out of the water.

Set up some backyard games that aren’t overly strenuous. Croquet, lawn darts, and lawn bowling are all great options. Your mom can sit down when needed, but when it’s her turn, she’ll walk around and enjoy playing with her grandchildren.

Plan activities that your mom can manage, even if her arthritis pain is flaring up. When you need a break, make sure you’ve arranged respite care services from companion care at home specialist. Companion care at home advisor can help you better understand the prices, services, and schedules. Call now.


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