Common Household Tasks That Seniors Need Help With

More and more seniors are choosing to stay at home as they get older. It makes sense that seniors would rather stay in a familiar home full of memories as they age. But as they get older seniors often struggle to keep up those large single family homes. Family caregivers can’t always take on all of the household tasks that their senior parents need to have done. Home care assistance services are the solution. Home care assistance services bridge the gap and let seniors stay in the home they love without having to put their health at risk to do the upkeep.

Home Care Assistance Willard OH - Common Household Tasks That Seniors Need Help With

Home Care Assistance Willard OH – Common Household Tasks That Seniors Need Help With

Of course, seniors who are still relatively healthy can do some household tasks themselves and they probably enjoy doing those tasks. But there are some household tasks that most seniors are happy to hand over to a care provider.

The most common household tasks that seniors need help with as they age are:


Lugging a heavy vacuum all over the house is difficult, especially if the house is more than one story. It’s not really a big surprise that as they get older seniors struggle to keep their floors clean and vacuumed. But regular vacuuming is an important part of keeping the house clean and sanitary. Regular vacuuming gets rid of dust and allergens, mites, and pet hair which can all cause respiratory distress, make allergies worse, or make it harder for a senior with lung impairment to breathe. A home care assistance provider can vacuum regularly to ensure that your senior loved one has clean indoor air to breathe.


Like vacuuming, dusting is absolutely essential to keep a senior healthy in their home. Dust can cause a lot of breathing problems even in healthy seniors. It can be downright dangerous for seniors that use oxygen or have severe lung disease. But dusting requires the person doing the dusting to be able to stretch and bend, and reach on top of door sills and under pieces of furniture. Seniors often need help to keep their homes dust free.


Laundry is another chore that seniors almost always need help with, especially if the laundry is in the basement and clothes need to be carried down two or three floors to reach the washer and dryer.

Gathering up dirty clothes and carrying those clothes to the washer can be difficult. So can carrying towels and bedding to the laundry. But it’s even more difficult to have to switch the heavy wet laundry from the washer to the dryer and bring all of it upstairs again after it’s dry. Home care assistance providers can handle the laundry so that your senior parent doesn’t have to try and do it themselves.

Putting Away Groceries

People often don’t think about how difficult it might be for seniors to unpack and put away groceries. But moving heavy jugs of milk, cans, and other items from grocery bags to the cupboards or fridge can be very hard for seniors. They need to be able to grip items of all sizes, bend, and stretch to be able to put things in cabinets. It’s often much easier for a home care assistance provider to do this task than it is for seniors.

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