What a Pediatric Nurse Needs to Know About Your Child’s Routines

Special needs children are first and foremost kids, just like other kids. But they also do have some very specific needs that have to be met. Pediatric home health care providers can help you to meet those needs and they’ll need some additional information about your child’s habits and routines in order to be of the most help possible.

Sleep Times and Wake Times

Pediatric Home Health Care Ontario OH - What a Pediatric Nurse Needs to Know About Your Child’s Routines

Pediatric Home Health Care Ontario OH – What a Pediatric Nurse Needs to Know About Your Child’s Routines

Sleep is an important part of maintaining health and well-being, so it’s vital for pediatric nurses to know when your child typically goes to bed and wakes up. If they’re there during those times, they may also be a key part of helping you to get your child up for the day or to sleep for the night. Nap times are an important part of this process, too.

Bathing Routines

Bathing can be a big process for children with special needs. If your child doesn’t bathe every day, it helps for her pediatric nurses to know what her bathing schedule is. It’s also a good idea to share what the bathing process and routine are. They may be able to help you and your child to take some of the anxiety and frustration out of bath time if that has been problematic, too.

Meal and Snack Times

Whether your child eats regular meals or uses a feeding tube, how she gets her nutrients is another key piece of information you need to share with her pediatric nurse. With a feeding tube, it helps to have someone else there helping you to maintain the tube and ensure that everything is functioning properly. If your child has any food sensitivities or is a picky eater, they may be able to help you to find foods that she’ll readily eat.

Pediatric Home Health Care can Meet Health and Medical Needs

Pediatric home health care really shines when it comes to medical and health needs. Whether your child has a trach that needs regular care or another type of medical equipment that is a little frightening to manage on your own, they’re able to handle that for you. They can also work with your child’s doctor to establish care plans and routines that work for you at home.

Having pediatric home health care for children helping your child is a wonderful way to ensure that all of her medical needs are met as quickly as possible. If your child needs help at school as well, pediatric nurses can go with her and ensure that her day goes smoothly and that she’s in good hands.

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