Signs that Your Senior Needs In-Home Care

Have you caught yourself wondering if your elderly family member needs extra help? Even if she only needs a little bit of help, in-home care services could be the answer you’re seeking.

Here are some signs to watch for in your senior’s home and life and how in-home care can help.

Her Home Is Looking Cluttered or Dirty

In-Home Care Ashland OH - Signs that Your Senior Needs In-Home Care

In-Home Care Ashland OH – Signs that Your Senior Needs In-Home Care

As health challenges become more of a concern for your senior, it can be a lot more difficult for her to keep up with her home in general. You might notice that clutter is starting to pile up or her home may be dirtier than you expect based on past visits. These signs can be indicative of changes to your elderly family member’s mental health, but they can also be a sign that she’s having more physical trouble keeping up with her environment. In-home care providers can make short work of those necessary tasks, allowing your senior to focus on what she needs and wants to do.

She’s Showing Signs of Personal Care Issues

It’s more than just your senior’s home, though. If you’re noticing changes in her appearance, like she’s washing her hair less frequently, it’s important to dig deeper and see if there might be a reason for that change. Personal care tasks can become more difficult for your elderly family member, leading her to adapt what she’s doing to meet her current abilities. But those changes don’t have to exist if she has a little bit of help. In-home care providers can make it easier for your senior to stick to her hygiene routines.

Her Behavior Is Changing

Often changes in behavior are easy to gloss over, but they can be big signals that something else is going on. If your senior seems moodier than usual, she may be in more pain or she could be experiencing trouble eating. It’s vital to get to the root cause of those changes because they’re typically not happening for no reason at all. By working with in-home care providers, you’re able to get a better idea of what your senior’s daily activities are like for her.

She Mentions that She Needs Help

Lots of times aging adults will mention that they need help, but they’ll do so in passing. That might mean that you misinterpret the request as a one-time situation or even as something that’s a lot less significant than it seems on the surface. Bringing in-home care providers into your senior’s life can feel uncomfortable for her if she’s worried she’ll lose independence. This can cause her to downplay her true need for help, even if she’s aware that she does need some.

Accepting help is not always an easy thing to do, even for your aging family member. Talk with her about her goals as she continues to age and helps her to understand that you just want to ensure she’s safe and happy. Often the easiest and best way to accomplish that goal is with a little bit of extra help from in-home care providers.

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