What Can Home Care Assistance Do For Your Dad?

It’s always been your dad’s goal to age at home. You worry about him, however. He’s all by himself and rarely gets visitors. If he fell in the morning, you don’t stop by more than twice a week, so how long would it be before anyone noticed? Have you looked into the benefits of home care assistance services? Home care assistance service is one of the best ways to help your dad retain his independence without risking his safety and well-being.

Here are the different ways home care assistance helps with aging goals.

Personal Care Services

Home Care Assistance Crestline OH - What Can Home Care Assistance Do For Your Dad?

Home Care Assistance Crestline OH – What Can Home Care Assistance Do For Your Dad?

Like many older adults, your dad experiences joint pain, especially in his knees and hands. Washing his hair is difficult as he struggles to manipulate a shampoo bottle. He can’t shave anymore, so he grows a beard instead.

You also worry about him getting in and out of the shower. He has a high threshold on his bathtub/shower combination, and you worry about his safety as he steps in and out of the tub to bathe. Caregivers can help him by supporting him as he gets in and out of the shower area. They can help him shave and wash his hair.


Arthritis pain limits how far your dad can bend, how long he stands on his feet, and how much of a reach he has. It makes it difficult for him to complete everyday chores like making his bed, changing and washing his sheets and carrying the laundry hamper up and down the stairs. He also has a hard time vacuuming stairs, washing dishes, and changing a light bulb.

Hire caregivers to handle light housekeeping chores like these. His home care assistance aide can do the laundry and put it away, clean the kitchen after cooking meals, and run the vacuum.

Meal Preparation

Your dad has never been much of a cook. You do what you can to prepare a week’s worth of meals for him to heat in the microwave, but it’s tough to make sure you have time. Instead, hire caregivers to stop by and prepare meals and snacks.

Not only will the caregivers cook meals that he desires, but they can also take him shopping. If he knows what he wants for the week, he’ll work with his home care assistance aide to create a meal plan, build a shopping list, and shop for the necessary supplies.


Your dad isn’t supposed to drive after his last eye exam. The only way he can get out of the house while you’re working is by driving himself, so he feels trapped. Hire caregivers to drive him to area businesses, parks, and attractions.

His caregivers can join him on shopping trips and help him run errands. If he wants to go out to lunch and see a movie, he has someone to go with.

Arrange Home Care Assistance Services With Ease

Once you know what services most benefit your dad, talk to our specialist. One call gets you on the right path to support your dad’s goal of aging at home. Call our home care agency today.

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Kathy Summers, RN