How Elder Care Helps Seniors Get Better Sleep

Seniors should be getting at least eight hours of sleep at night to be healthy. But for millions of seniors getting to sleep and getting quality sleep is a real nightmare. There are lots of things that seniors can try to help them get better sleep at night, including hiring elder care providers. If anxiety or depression are contributing to your senior loved one’s inability to sleep or to stay asleep elder care aides may help alleviate the anxiety of being alone at night. When a care provider is with your senior loved one overnight it will be easier for your aging parent to sleep because they can be sure that someone is with them if they need help.

Some of the other ways that elder care providers can help seniors get better sleep are:

Managing Medications

Elder Care Bellville OH - How Elder Care Helps Seniors Get Better Sleep

Elder Care Bellville OH – How Elder Care Helps Seniors Get Better Sleep

If your senior loved one has to take medications at night the anxiety about falling asleep and missing their medication time or taking the wrong medications can keep seniors from settling down and falling asleep when they should. When a care provider is there to ensure that your senior loved one takes the right medications on time your parent will be able to relax and be more ready to sleep. A care provider can also be sure that your senior loved one takes any sleep medications they need without taking a double dose or taking too much.

Taking Care Of The Details

Getting ready for bed can be stressful. Getting into pajamas, brushing teeth, getting a glass of water for next to the bed, adjusting the temperature in the room, turning on a night light or turning off primary lights, and turning on a humidifier or white noise machine can keep seniors up at night. When your senior loved one has elder care services, a provider will take care of all of those details and make sure that your senior loved one’s bedroom is exactly the way they need it to be so that they can sleep. They won’t have to keep getting in and out of bed and adjusting things around the room.

Keeping Seniors Safe

Seniors worry a lot about their safety at night. Not just safety from outside forces like break-ins but safety from things like a CPAP machine that they need to breathe breaking down in the middle of the night. Or the furnace going out. Or a storm happening. But when seniors have a care provider that is there all night they can relax and sleep knowing that they aren’t alone and that they don’t have to be the one to handle any situations that come up. They can rely on a care provider to help keep them safe and that gives them the peace of mind to sleep.

Taking Care Of Pets

Pets are wonderful companions, but they can sometimes be a little much at night or early in the morning. Cats are notorious for waking up their owners in the wee hours of the morning for breakfast. And dogs that need to go outside to potty can be very insistent even if it’s the middle of the night. With elder care services, there will be someone to take care of the pets and their needs so that your senior loved one can sleep.

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Kathy Summers, RN