Home and Lifestyle Modifications After Heart Surgery

Cardiovascular disease was diagnosed in almost 127 million people from 2015 to 2018. Sometimes, prescription pills are needed. But, surgical intervention may be necessary to repair the heart following a heart attack or to prevent a heart attack. Your mom may need surgery to insert a pacemaker to stabilize her heart rhythm. Heart disease doesn’t just mean your mom has had a heart attack. It can mean she deals with heart failure or an arrhythmia that causes a fluttering sensation or irregular heartbeat. Whatever leads to her heart surgery, it’s important to make sure her home is safe for her recovery and she has support from home health care providers.

Home Improvements to Make

Home Health Care Mt. Vernon OH - Home and Lifestyle Modifications After Heart Surgery

Home Health Care Mt. Vernon OH – Home and Lifestyle Modifications After Heart Surgery

After her surgery, your mom may not be allowed to shower at first. Once she can, she needs to make sure she avoids falling. Her medications may make her feel lightheaded, put in grab bars to help her maintain her balance.

Equip your mom’s kitchen with the tools she needs to focus on healthy eating. If she has arthritis and struggles to slice and chop ingredients, look at kitchen appliances that assist. A food processor makes it easier to slice vegetables and mince onions.

Appease your mom’s cravings for ice cream by blending frozen banana, cocoa powder, and a little almond milk. It’s not quite ice cream, but it’s a satisfying, healthier option.

Hire Home Health Care Services

What about home health care services to help with her recovery? After her surgery, have nurses come to her home to take her vital signs and communicate them to the cardiologist. Nurses can take your mom’s blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and oxygen saturation levels. If there are issues, the nurse and doctor will discuss changes to her care plan.

Your mom’s diet needs to change. If she’s used to eating takeout and frozen dinners, she’ll be advised to work with a dietitian. Instead of having to travel to a medical office, your mom can have home health care services that teach her and her family caregivers how to prepare heart-healthy meals and snacks.

Occupational and physical therapy services are also important. Have therapists come to your mom’s home to work with her on exercises that help improve stamina and improve her heart health. If she experiences stress, she may find that her physical therapist can help her learn exercises that help her relieve stress through activity.

Your mom needs to take her heart medications on time. She may have IV fluids or medications that help her manage pain following the surgery. A skilled nurse can administer these medications.

Home health care nurses can take care of our mom’s incisions. If you’re worried about being responsible for bandage changes and recognizing the early signs of infection, rest assured you don’t have to be. Nurses assist with wound care, too.

How will home health care help your mom? Start by talking to her surgical team and cardiologist. Once you know the services nurses offer that your mom will require, call our home health care agency to schedule services.

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