Benefits of Home Health Care After a Head Injury

When older adults fall, bruises and abrasions are minor injuries that often happen. In serious falls, fractures and head injuries are typical. Your mom fell and hit her head on the tile floor. Your mom’s been in the hospital after her head injury, and it’s time for her to come home. Before she’s discharged, your mom’s doctors recommend hiring home health care to support her recovery from a traumatic brain injury once she’s home.

What can Home Health Care Nurses do?

Wound Care

Home Health Care Crestline OH - Benefits of Home Health Care After a Head Injury

Home Health Care Crestline OH – Benefits of Home Health Care After a Head Injury

To ease the bleeding within her brain, your mom underwent surgery. She does have incisions that need care, or the risk of infection increases. Skilled nurses can check your mom’s incisions and make sure there is no sign of infection.

If there is an infection, some doctors recommend IV antibiotics. Your mom’s nurse can set up the IV at home rather than make her travel to a medical office.

Monitor Vitals and Cognitive Function

After a traumatic brain injury, doctors recommend that your mom have someone with her for a full 24 hours or more. This is most likely you’re role if you live nearby.

She needs to be checked every few hours to make sure she’s alert. Someone needs to ask questions like her name and date of birth to ensure she’s thinking clearly. Plus, she needs to be checked to ensure she isn’t feeling dizzy or experiencing blurred vision.

Cognitive impairment is a risk after a traumatic brain injury. Nurses can also monitor your mom’s cognitive skills and alert the doctor if she’s not improving over the next few days.

In-Home Therapy Sessions

Your mom’s doctor wants her to see a physical therapist to prevent another fall. Your mom has difficulty getting in and out of a car, so physical therapy sessions in her home make the most sense.

She can have home health care therapists come to her home and help her strengthen her muscles and joints through physical therapy exercises. Occupational therapy is another option that can help her during her recovery from a traumatic brain injury.

Depending on the severity of the head injury, it may not be the only thing the doctor requests. Someone may need to keep checking her pulse and blood pressure. A nurse can take those and report them to the doctor.

Work with her doctors to discuss your mom’s care needs as he heals. Once you have a list of nursing services, call our home health care specialist and make arrangements. When she has the support she needs, there’s no stress trying to figure out how to complete some of the tasks you’re not trained to do.

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Kathy Summers, RN