Ways Home Care Helps With Disabilities

UNESCO established the International Day of Persons With Disabilities in 1992. Approximately 42% of adults age 60 or older have a disability. Your parent likely is one of them. If your parent is disabled, it’s essential to offer support throughout the week. Here are some ways home care services can help family caregivers and their disabled parents complete everything on a daily care plan.

Common Disabilities in the Elderly

Home Care Ashland OH - Ways Home Care Helps With Disabilities

Home Care Ashland OH – Ways Home Care Helps With Disabilities

Hearing loss is one of the leading disabilities in the elderly. Hearing loss may be partial or complete. When your mom or dad can’t hear, it impacts the ability to drive and listen to things like smoke alarms, phones, or doorbells. It also makes it hard to communicate with others, which may cause your parent to withdraw and refuse to join in social activities.

Arthritis impacts mobility. If the pain is extreme, your parent may have a hard time walking or moving around without an assistive device. Driving when you have arthritis pain in the neck or back is challenging.

Vision loss is also an issue as you age. Cataracts are common and can impact the ability to drive in dim light or at night. Macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy can lead to blindness.

Alzheimer’s is one type of dementia that affects millions of people. It’s also a leading disability affecting cognitive skills, making it unsafe to drive a car and remember things like paying bills or scheduling appointments. If your parent has Alzheimer’s, there’s going to be an increasing dependence on caregivers in the months and years to come.

Finally, foot health is another problem that can lead to disability. Sometimes, the pain and discomfort are temporary and can be corrected through surgeries or proper foot care. Other issues, such as gout, may be permanent and lead to a problem with gait and mobility.

Home Care Offers the Support Your Parents Require

No matter what disability is impacting your mom’s or dad’s ability to remain independent, you can help out. Sit down and discuss the care they need. As you learn more about where they need help and where they don’t, create a daily and weekly to-do list designed to meet their needs.

If your mom or dad has a disability that requires a helping hand, arrange home care services. You may want to fill the role of the family caregiver, but you need to make sure you have a way to take breaks. With home care, you’re able to do things for yourself as needed, and you’re never leaving your mom or dad alone.

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