Why Your Senior Should See Her Doctor After a Fall

Has your senior family member experienced a fall or even just a near miss? She really should talk to her doctor right away, even if she doesn’t want to. In-home care providers could take her to her doctor. There are a few reasons this visit is necessary.

She’s Twice as Likely to Fall Again

In-Home Care Galion OH - Why Your Senior Should See Her Doctor After a Fall

In-Home Care Galion OH – Why Your Senior Should See Her Doctor After a Fall

It’s not something that you or your senior probably want to think about, but if she has already fallen one time, she is twice as likely to fall again. That’s a truly startling statistic, and it may actually be part of why your elderly family member doesn’t want to go to her doctor about this initial fall. Admitting that she’s fallen may force her to face some facts that she doesn’t want to face. It might also mean accepting some changes that she’s not happy about accepting. Working with in-home care providers regularly can help her to adapt, but she’s got to be willing to look at the full scope of the issue.

She Could Have a New Health Problem

It’s entirely possible that the cause of your senior’s fall is related to her health. High blood pressure, blood sugar issues, and more can all cause a fall. But new health issues are more often to blame, particularly if your elderly family member isn’t aware that there is a problem. Urinary tract infections, dehydration, and even pneumonia can all be part of what causes your senior to experience a fall. Knowing what that underlying issue is helps you to get your senior the help that she needs, whether that’s an in-home care aide or proper medical treatments.

Her Doctor May Notice Something Else

Her doctor may also notice something else during a visit with her after a fall. The signs might be subtle that there’s something else happening, but if her doctor is familiar with her habits, her gait, and other small signs, that might be enough to do some deeper digging. It isn’t always because of a big health issue that your elderly family member experiences a fall, but it still doesn’t hurt to have things checked out.

Hiring In-Home Care to Assist

After one fall it makes sense to ensure that your elderly family member is as safe as possible going forward. Hiring in-home care providers can be the right way to go. They can help your senior to conserve her energy and to rest when she really should be resting. All of that can go a long way toward helping her to avoid a future fall.

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Kathy Summers, RN