Family or In-Home Care Support are Important to the Elderly

There are some senior citizens that don’t get any support from their family. This can lead to many problems such as an increased risk of falling, isolation, depression, and much more. You are there for your elderly loved one now and that is great. However, it is still important to learn why family support matters so much and in your absence in-home care providers can step in.

Living Longer

In-Home Care Ontario OH - Family or In-Home Care Support are Important to the Elderly

In-Home Care Ontario OH – Family or In-Home Care Support are Important to the Elderly

While there is never a guarantee for how long someone will live, research does show that elderly people who have family support often live longer than elderly people who don’t have their family members checking in on them. If you can’t be there to check on your elderly loved one as much as you would like and there aren’t any family members coming in, you may want to hire in-home care providers. While they aren’t family, if your elderly loved one gets to know them and socialize with them, they can be great companions and helpers.

Improving the Immune System

Did you know that senior citizens have a higher risk of getting sick than younger people? There are numerous reasons for this. One of the most common reasons is they don’t socialize often, so they aren’t exposed to different germs and conditions. While you shouldn’t be around your elderly loved one if you know you are sick, being around them often can help to get their immune system used to various germs. This can help their body to fight off or prevent certain illnesses.

Boosting Mental Health

Many senior citizens struggle with mental health issues. They often struggle with anxiety, depression, and stress. If you want to help your elderly loved one prevent these issues, you should give them as much support as possible. If your elderly loved one knows that you are there for them, it can help to prevent many different mental health problems. Don’t forget that if you can’t be around often, you can get in-home care providers to take your place. They can also help to boost your elderly loved one’s mental health.

Bringing in In-Home Care for Support

There are so many senior citizens who aren’t getting the support they need. This doesn’t have to be the case for your elderly loved one. You can give them the family support that is needed to help prevent illnesses and boost their overall health, too. If needed, you can also have in-home care providers take care of your elderly loved one. They can help them to do these things, as well.


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Kathy Summers, RN